Data Surveillance & Evaluation Committee - Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership

Data Surveillance & Evaluation Committee


To contribute to the overall mission of the Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership by providing relevant data and surveillance findings, and evaluating the processes and outcomes of the state Multicultural Health Plan development and implementation.


Sarah Diamond, Diamond Research Consulting, LLC

Vacant Co-Chair

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Motivation for action:

-There a numerous gatherers of data (researchers, service providers, health practitioners, etc.) with relevance to health disparities (HD) and inequities across CT, but there’s little sharing and not a clear global view of the statewide picture.

-There are a number of institutions entrusted with advising policy makers who are reforming the CT health system, each of them are addressing data regarding HD in their internal committees (CT Commission on Health Equity & the Sustinet Health Partnership); collaboration can be extended in this area.

-There is a need for convincing evidence-based data that can be used to inform health policy change and funding in CT.

-There are numerous interventions conducted in CT aimed at prevention, reduction of risk, improving health, reducing HD; these are funded by various funders, and have moved their evaluation of outcomes with different speeds and success towards proving evidence-based status.

Activities currently proposed:

The CMHP Data Surveillance & Evaluation Committee is proposing to address some of these issues with the help of motivated members, and specifically proposes to first

1. Short-term: Identify efforts conducted across the state aimed at reducing and eliminating HD

  • Determine the current needs in terms of evaluation and achieving evidence-based status and connecting interested parties to local evaluators
  • Provide a forum for experience sharing and collaboration in HD relevant research and applied interventions

2. Long-term: Assemble a dynamic CT map of research institutions (educational research facilities, non-profit institutes, etc) currently conducting research or providing services to various ethnocultural groups in CT

  • Promote the HD research and collaboration and updating info on a dedicated web site

3. Longer-term: assemble a comprehensive list of data sources and databases in CT with relevance to HD;

  • Promote and encourage de-individuated data sharing
  • Energize data gatherers and holders to elaborate a common-denominator presentation/publication of HD data format, like 1 page factsheets that can be employed in large systematic reviews or meta-analyses

If you see anything in here that strikes you as useful, drop us a line, get involved.

If not, drop a line, suggest other activities, and let’s go to work.