Communication & Media Committee - Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership

Communication & Media Committee


To contribute to the overall mission of the Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership by promoting and branding the Multicultural Health Partnership with a special focus on goal areas: Cultural competency; Language proficiency; Access to quality health care and health education; Workforce development.  This committee will use an integrated multimedia platform tailored to reach diverse and general market populations.


Design and implement promotional materials to promote the Partnership.


Heang Kim Tan, Health Justice CT

Tom Ficklin, Ficklin Media

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Major Initiative

Faces of Disparity Awareness Campaign

The Faces of Disparity Awareness Campaign, which was created by the Communication and Media Committee, consists of two complementary media productions:  The Faces of Disparity Exhibit, and the Faces of Disparity Video.  The exhibit and video, which may be shown independently or together, raise awareness of health disparities in Connecticut and introduce the CLAS Standards (National Standards on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services) as resources for change.  Faces of Disparity is suitable for general audiences, policy makers, professionals, educators, and students.

Faces of Disparity Exhibit

The Faces of Disparity Exhibit is a portable display of nine free-standing panels that portray health disparities by means of personal stories.  Connecticut residents from various racial, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds describe how health disparities have affected their access to effective care. Each story is followed by relevant public health data and by a CLAS Standard that, if implemented, would improve health care and health outcomes for others. The Faces of Disparity exhibit is traveling throughout the state, and has already been viewed by an estimated 800 residents. Panels are available to all CMHP members for use in educational programs and for display at their locations.

To schedule the Faces of Disparity Exhibit email:

The Faces of Disparity Video is a 15-minute documentary that integrates personal stories of health care consumers (as portrayed in the exhibit) with the perspectives of leading experts in health care and public health.  The video defines health disparities, identifies contributing factors, and presents CLAS Standards as resources for change.  Faces of Disparity DVDs have been distributed to CMHP members.

Click here to view the Faces of Disparity Video.