Orientation - Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership


Welcome to the Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership!


The Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership always welcomes new members. Individuals representing themselves or their organizations are encouraged to join. Membership currently has representation from health and social service organizations, public health entities, advocacy and coalition groups, colleges and universities, small businesses and community members. There are currently over 200 individual members of the Partnership. The Partnership’s goal is to ensure the CLAS Standards are implemented everywhere they should be and to do so, an organized, statewide effort is required to voice the basic human right of health and health care.

This orientation information is designed to familiarize new members with the Partnership and the role that they can play as a member of the Partnership.  The following materials to provide you with an overview and understanding of the Partnership (Click on each of the links):


The Partnership is charged with developing and implementing a strategic plan for the State of Connecticut to achieve health equity. The current Strategic Plan that has been adopted for the State is to implement national standards for providing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (“CLAS standards”). The CLAS standards were originally developed under the auspices of the federal Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Minority Health.  In order for you to fully understand Connecticut’s Strategic Plan (and therefore the current mission of the Partnership), this packet includes:

Welcome again! Please complete the member registration form and return it to the Partnership to become an official member, join a Committee, and take action today!

Contact information:
Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnerships
c/o Christi Staples
Project Manager
Email: membership@ctmhp.org