About the Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership - Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership

About the Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership

The Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership (CMHP) was launched in July 2008, through the Connecticut Department of Public Health Office of Multicultural Health (DPH-OMH).  The Partnership was established to draw together expertise, resources, and programming to eliminate health disparities in Connecticut.  With financial support from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Region 1 Office of Minority Health, the Partnership focused on an organizational structure that relied on voluntary resources to serve in executive level positions and a large member base of men and women dedicated to eliminating health disparities through policy and program initiatives. In 2009, federal funds were dedicated to DPH-OMH staffing and Partnership product development.   During 2010, federal funds were dedicated to Partnership product development.  In 2013,  the Partnership received a grant from the Office of Minority Health to continue its work in promoting the adoption of CLAS standards.





Systems are in place and norms adopted to effectively eliminate health disparities.



To develop and implement a state plan to identify and address health disparities and multicultural health issues through the effective and systematic collaboration of a diverse, multidisciplinary group (the Partnership). A major focus of the Plan will be the implementation of the National Standards on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS Standards) in Connecticut.



Organizational Structure

The Partnership recognized the need for an organizational structure to support the development of plans and programs to eliminate health disparities in Connecticut.  As a result, the Partnership leadership and the DPH-OMH proposed a standard organizational structure with Officers, an Executive Committee, specific Committees, and full membership.  The proposal structure was approved by the Partnership, DPH-OMH, and the federal Office of Minority Health.

The 2009 Semi-Annual Meeting of the full Partnership met in July to review the organizational structure and progress in activities.  To expedite operations and support a more manageable structure, the membership adopted the Partnership By-Laws that identified Officer and Vice Chair responsibilities and terms. By-Laws are reviewed and approved by the full membership annually.

Current Bylaws

Subsequently, the Partnership members, in addition to the federal Office of Minority Health recommended the consolidation of several committees to expedite efforts.  The Partnership Executive Committee revised the Committee structure consistent with federal, state, and member requests in August, 2009. The bylaws were amended and approved by membership at the 2012 Annual Meeting.

In accordance with the By-Laws, the Chair of the Partnership appointed Partnership Officers.  The appointments reflected the Partnership’s overall goal to ensure wide representation of the membership to have a voice at the executive level. The Officers are appointed to serve until the full membership votes on a first slate of Officers at the Annual Meeting.

Current Officers



Structure of the Partnership

Executive Committee

The central steering body and major workers make up the Executive Committee consisting of the Officers and the Committee Chairs. There are 6 committees as follows: Awareness & Outreach, Communication & Media, Consumer Initiatives, Data, Surveillance & Evaluation, Language Services and Professional Development. Each committee is charged with making recommendations built on the foundation of the CLAS Standards for statewide implementation based on their subject area.

General Members

The General Membership consists of all people who agree to the vision and mission and want to support the work of the Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership.  Different people may be able to have different involvement at different times.  We respect the variability in members’ availability regarding involvement, and welcome everyone in whatever capacity they can engage.

List of Current Members